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Entrepreneurship Fundamentals: Become Your Own Boss

  • 110 Minutes of content
  • Thu 12 2021
  • 41 Student Enrolled

Learn how to take charge of your own future and start your entrepreneurial journey with this in-depth, practical course for all levels..

Course Overview

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy, driving innovations and creating new opportunities for advancement and growth. Breaking free from the proverbial golden handcuffs and seizing your opportunity for a fresh start is exciting but the entrepreneurial lifestyle can be daunting and many small businesses and startups that aren’t properly prepared end up failing.

Now you can learn how to grab hold of your future by letting go of perfection and diving into the journey to being your own boss. In this course you’ll learn how to think differently about the value you place on your existing knowledge and skills so that you can harness your power to create your own financial freedom.

The course will teach you essential entrepreneurial skills such as how to get past the myth that successful business ventures require a huge breakthrough idea and how to remain agile so that you can change, adapt and improve your business as you grow. You’ll learn strategic ways to manage your time and be more productive, how to curate impactful, focused content that gets your brand in front of the right people and develop a new framework for acquiring knowledge and apply that perspective to your life and business for a faster, smoother transition into entrepreneurship.

What You Will Learn

  • How to start thinking like an entrepreneur
  • How to act quickly and push through your fear of failure
  • How to identify obstacles that are keeping you from growing your business
  • How to learn essential entrepreneurial skills from your existing job
  • How to come up with a sustainable, profitable business idea
  • How to network with a new, more effective perspective
  • How to plan and execute your business plan and master the iterative process
  • All about the advantages of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • 5 Mindshifts to give your business the best chance to succeed
  • How to create a kingdom of content that puts you in front of potential customers

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  • Student Enrolled:41
  • Created:16/12/2021
  • Duration:110 minutes
  • Skill Level:Beginner
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